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This is my latest and largest addition. nearly one ton of metal!
It came with a barafaldi 8 position chuck and large coolant tank with pump. Also a autobloc pneumatic chuck.
Known problems were a z ballscrew with missing bearings and far from smooth  movement possibly due to wear or swalf  in the nut. So this will have to be removed and examined.
there is alsoan issue with the toolchanger missing its selected position.
But the largest problem is the fact that this is a 3 phase machine. I believe that a conversion to single phase is the best option. the control is single phase anyway. The spindle motor is  a whopping 5kw dc motor running from a dc motor drive which unfortunatley only accepts 3 phase. I may replace this with a single phase unit but it is early days!
The control system is an Anilam 3200T installed in 2001.
Repair summary
On inspection - the z axis ballnuts nylon keeper was broken. so I used a wonderfuly usefull product called polymorth to make a new one.
just needed new ballbearings and its as good as new- saving the consideral expense of a new ballnut/screw.
I built my own rotary  3 phase converter from plans obtained of the internet.
The toolchanger will probably need servicing but i have overcome the problem temporarily by forcing it to only rotate clockwise and now it never misses its position.
I decided to replace the chuck with a manual 4 jaw for the time being.
Update 2011
I have fixed all the problems with this and have a video of it operating on youtube- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XALehXHtF30
I have since decided to replace the Anilam system with Mach3. My main reasoning behind this is that if ever any component of the Anilam system or indeed the servo drivers were to fail then it would be costly to repair or replace. Moving to Mach3 and the use of modern drivers (Whale 3 board from cncdrive.com) will make replacement and repairs cheap and fast. I will also use a breakout board from cncdrive.com. A small pc will easily fit into the space vacated by the anilam system and the servo drivers are tiny compared to the originals!
Genius IPO Lathe with Anilam 3200T control
genius_ipo_lathe001009.jpg genius_ipo_lathe001008.jpg genius_ipo_lathe001007.jpg genius_ipo_lathe001006.jpg genius_ipo_lathe001002.jpg genius_ipo_lathe001001.jpg